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Blood Sugar Sex Magik

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1. "The Power of Equality"
2. "If You Have to Ask"
3. "Breaking the Girl"
4. "Funky Monks"
5. "Suck My Kiss"
6. "I Could Have Lied"
7. "Mellowship Slinky in B Major"
8. "The Righteous & the Wicked"
9. "Give It Away"
10. "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"
11. "Under the Bridge"
12. "Naked in the Rain"
13. "Apache Rose Peacock"
14. "The Greeting Song"
15. "My Lovely Man"
16. "Sir Psycho Sexy"
17. "They're Red Hot" (Robert Johnson)

Blood Sugar Sex Magik story

Blood Sugar Sex Magik is the fifth album by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Album was released in 1991, and was produced by Rick Rubin. For the first time the band released on Warner Bros. records.

Blood Sugar Sex magik was the first big selling album of Red Hot Chili Peppers. It actually sold over 7 million copies in the US alone. In the Billboard top 200 album chart Blood Sugar Sex Magik achieved a peak at #3. Critics were absolutely thrilled over this album when it was released, and they had every reason to. It is now recognized as one of the reasons for the 90's explosion of alternative rock music.

"Blood Sugar Sex Magik is probably the best album Red Hot Chili Peppers will ever make"

-Steve Huey of Allmusic

After the Red hot chili peppers deal with EMI came to an end, the band was on the look for a new record company. They came to an agreement with Sony BMG/Epic. The deal involved that Sony BMG/Epic should buy their latest album "Mother's Milk" from EMI. This process stretched out longer than Red hot chili peppers were comfortable with, so the band decided to change to Warner Bros. records.

On the previous album, "Mother's Milk", the producer had given Red Hot Chili Peppers strict guidelines on, among other things, lyrics. Rick Rubin, however, gave them much more creative freedom. It resulted in lyrics that contained what some might call "foul" language. The Blood Sugar Sex Magik lyrics has a significantly other style than that of Mother's Milk. Also, the guitar play is lighter than it was.

To enhance the creativity, Rick Rubin proposed to record Blood Sugar Sex Magik in Harry Houdinis old mansion. During the recording process, Chad Smith, was certain that there were ghosts in the mansion, and refused to live there. The rest of the band stayed there for the entire recording process.

The Blood Sugar Sex Magik Tour

Blood sugar sex magik tour

In 1991 the Blood Sugar Sex Magik tour started with 3 warm up shows in Honolulu, Hawaii. During the tour, the band played in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. They played with bands such as Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. While everything was going great, guitarist John Frusciante was having some personal problems. This led to him leaving the band mid-tour. For the rest of the Blood Sugar Sex Magik tour Arik Marshall was his replacement. He, however, got fired when the tour was over. Red Hot Chili Peppers hired Dave Navarro as their new guitarist

Blood Sugar Sex Magik tattoos

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Blood Sugar Sex Magik achievements


Publication Accolade Rank
Pause and Play The 90s Top 100 Essential Albums 11
Rolling Stone The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time 310
Spin Top 90 Albums of the 90s 58
Q 90 Albums of the 90s 58
Guitarist Magazine 101 Essential Guitar Albums 11
Guitar World The 100 Greatest Guitar Albums of All Time 18
My Favorite Album Australia's Favourite Albums of All Time 8
Rock And Roll Hall of Fame The Definitive 200: Top 200 Albums of All-Time 88


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