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Stadium Arcadium


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Disk one: Jupiter

 1. "Dani California"
2. "Snow ((Hey Oh))"
3. "Charlie"
4. "Stadium Arcadium"
5. "Hump de Bump"
6. "She's Only 18"
7. "Slow Cheetah"
8. "Torture Me"
9. "Strip My Mind"
10. "Especially in Michigan"
11. "Warlocks"
12. "C'mon Girl"
13. "Wet Sand"
14. "Hey"

Disk Two: Mars

 1. "Desecration Smile"
2. "Tell Me Baby"
3. "Hard to Concentrate"
4. "21st Century"
5. "She Looks to Me"
6. "Readymade"
7. "If"
8. "Make You Feel Better"
9. "Animal Bar"
10. "So Much I"
11. "Storm in a Teacup"
12. "We Believe"
13. "Turn It Again"
14. "Death of a Martian"

Stadium Arcadium story

Stadium Arcadium is the ninth studio album by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The album was released May 5 2006 on Warner Bros. Records. Stadium Arcadium sold 442 000 copies in the first week, and debuted at number one in the Billboard top 200 album chart. The frontman of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, said that the album was originally planned to be a trilogy, released six months apart, but the album ended up being a double album.

Stadium Arcadium was praised by the critics for being a mix of the styles that Red Hot Chili Peppers had used during their years in the rock industry. In 2007 the album gained a total of 7 Grammy award nominations, including a nomination for "best rock album". This is the most nominations Red Hot Chili Peppers has ever gotten. The success was attributed to the fact that the band had better dynamics than ever. Kiedis said: "chemistry when it comes to writing is better than ever. There was always a struggle to dominate lyrically. But we are now confident enough in who we are, so everybody feels more comfortable contributing more and more valuable, quality stuff".

The recording process started in September 2004, and was produced by Rick Rubin, who had been a producer for four earlier Red Hot Chili Peppers albums. The recordings took place in Harry Houdinis old mansion. Red Hot Chili Peppers had earlier recorded their breakthrough album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" in the same mansion. The mansion had a reputation of being haunted. Guitarist John Frusciante later said: "there were beings of higher intelligence controlling what I was doing, and I didnít know how to talk about it or explain was very clear to me that the music was coming from somewhere other than me." Despite of the house's reputation, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Kiedis stated that during the recording of Stadium Arcadium "everybody was in a good mood. There was very little tension, very little anxiety, very little weirdness going on and every day we showed up to this funky room in the Valley, and everyone felt more comfortable than ever bringing in their ideas."

The original plan for Stadium Arcadium was to record a small digestible album with about 13 tracks. The recording process with Rick Rubin ended with writing 38 tracks and recording all of them.

The musical style of Stadium Arcadium combines many aspects of the the styles earlier used by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The most noticeable change in Stadium Arcadium was John Frusciantes guitar playing style. He changed from his well known "less is more" style to a more flashy approach inspired by guitarist such as Eddie van Halen, Myles Swift and Steve Vai. He also started using some layering in the guitar sound, which he had earlier been against doing (Mothers Milk used some layered guitar sound, but it was mainly because of the produced insisting on it.) The new guitar sound on Stadium Arcadium gave Frusciante more recognition as a great guitarist.

While Stadium Arcadium was generally praised by the critics, the mastering for the CD release was not that praised. Vlado Meller's mastering was by some critics regarded as a product of the loudness war, and suffering of heavy clipping. In contrast, the LP mastering, done by Steve Hoffman, was praised for its quality.

Stadium Arcadium Tour

Stadium arcadium tour

The 2006-2007 Stadium Arcadium tour was a tour consisting of seven legs. The legs consisted of one tour for promotional shows around the world, three European legs, one in Australia, New Zealand and Asia and two in USA and Canada. For the first time Red Hot Chili Peppers left out their two biggest hits, "Give it Away" and "Under the Bridge". The tour saw some songs that the band had never performed live before. Guitarist Josh Kinghoffer was brought along on the Stadium Arcadium tour. He made it possible for Red Hot Chili Peppers to play songs that required two guitars such as "Velvet Glove", and he also played synthesizer, percussion and provided backup vocals.

Stadium Arcadium Hits

Stadium Arcadium created five hit singles, "Dani California", "Snow ((hey oh))", "Desecration Smile", "Hump de Bump" and "Tell me Baby". The first 3 singles reached #1 in the US modern rock chart, and stayed there for at least 4 weeks.

Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers was declared to be the second best album of 2006 by Rolling Stone Magazine.


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